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Posted by archir - October 17th, 2013

I really want Pokémon X or Y. But simply don't have the cash for it and I do not own a 3DS. Any way it will cost me about 200 euro's if I want them.

So I was thinking to raise the money by doing sketch commissions. I can make these in the train while going to my work, so I can finish them quicker than normal commissions.

I'll make a realistic version of the Pokémon you like, what ever pose you like. You can also tell me on what kind of real life animals you want the Pokémon to be based on.

I was thinking for one Pokémon
15$ for a pencil sketch,
20$ for an inked version
30$ for a flat colored version, done in photoshop. I can also ad a simple background for 5$ extra

If you want extra Pokemon in 1 piece. It will be 10$ extra for the sketch or the inked version, and 20$ for the flat colored version.

Note me if interested.

Interested in Pokemon sketch commissions?

Posted by archir - June 27th, 2009

I'm really happy Newgrounds finally has a Artportal. I've waited along time for it.
I can finally show my art to the newgrounds world!

Anyway I love critics and Tips. So If you have any blast ahaid!

I'll keep posting my art. I have over 200 pieces of art!

Posted by archir - November 20th, 2008

Yes I'm competing and I submitted hungry for it.

I just need a lot of votes and views. And i don't like spamming so i'm doing it like this.

So go to this link and vote: http://www.aniboom.com/video/310103/Hu ngry/?ref=/Scoreboard/aniBoom_Awards_2 008

Posted by archir - November 5th, 2008

I never expected that I would get the daily feature! I'm really happy. Frame for frame for is appreciated on NG.

Anyway some of my illustrations got published in The dutch version of Adavnced Photoshop. I also gave an interview. I got the magazine yet so i have no idea how it looks like.

The next animation that I'm going to make is about a dodo! i still need to a storyboard and everything. But i know it's going to be funny.